Crypto Room Escapers 3 coins

Room Escapers Boston now accepts Cryptocurrency! 

Our Boston escape room location is now accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum & just about any other ALT coin you happen to be HODLing (no BCH)! We offer the same cancellation/refund policy for these currencies that we offer bookings in USD.

To make a booking simply e-mail us at with the date/time you want or how many gift certificates you would like, and we will come up with a custom quote for you based on the current exchange rates. We can also set this up over the phone or via text messages at 857-400-9144. Once the quote is in place you can just send the coins right to either of our business addresses below with your full name as the reference note (feel free to include date, # of vouchers, etc). 

Not sure where to purchase Cryptocurrency? We recommend Coinbase, a company based in the USA. 


Address: 34VoMekxfd4Tc1Xx2eybXvoufxJH9L6X5L

Bitcoin RoomEscapers Address



Address: 0x5e88a206408e3F59c56Ce7b171a747450Fcb47aC

Ethereum RoomEscapers Address