Boston Escape Rooms

Room Escapers Boston was born early 2015 in downtown Boston. Room Escapers is an independently owned escape room company with a true passion for interactive escape room adventures. Our escape rooms are more than your typical escape from the room type games. Rich story lines told through unique puzzles and set designs will have you exploring worlds you never thought possible. From daring shipwreck scavenges to elegant apothecary exploration, our themes are often based off of real events and happenings in Boston’s rich history.

Our escape rooms in downtown Boston are breaking the fold on what you think an escape room is. Large spaces, unique puzzles and exciting story lines make for one of a kind experiences! Book Now for an adventure you won’t soon forget!

Room Escapers is currently taking reservations for The Pirate’s Booty II at our original location in the Blackstone District in Boston.  We are also in the process of building 3+ new escape room themes at a beautiful new space in the Old Corner Bookstore, located in Boston Proper. We will start unveiling the new rooms in the near future. Feel free to call/text 857-400-9144, or e-mail with any questions and for last minute reservations!

Room Escapers - Boston Escape Rooms


The Pirate’s Booty II: The Lost Ship

The Pirate's Booty II: The Lost Ship

A sequel to our original game that transports you to Cape Cod Treasure Hunter’s temporary excavation hut on an island. The shipwrecked Whydah is resting right outside our door, and we need your help to find the Captain’s lost treasure chest! With a brand new set and puzzle design, it’s time to come back and finish what you started when you found the treasure map! Located in our original location that is just over 1000 Sq Ft, this isn’t your typical small escape room adventure! Book here for an experience you won’t soon forget!

Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos

It’s the early 90s, and organized crime is running rampant in Boston. You and your group of detectives have stumbled upon a short window of opportunity to search a local gang’s front business for evidence to link them to unsolved crimes. Better hustle though; they’re gathering their cronies, and their lawyer is filing an injunction. Coming soon.

The Chymist

The Chymist

Alchemy. An aged science, but our last hope. An old world disease has been released from melting permafrost, and it is spreading like wildfire through the entire world. The panacea, a cure-all of old, is believed to be located in a forgotten chamber of an old world apothecary in Boston. It is our last chance to save the human race! Coming soon.

More details to be released soon for several other themes, including the addition of some themes designed for 2-6 people. Stay tuned via Facebook or our Mailing List for updates.